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You Don't Need a College Degree for These 10 In-Demand Jobs That Can Pay More Than 6 Figures Americans are rethinking the traditional college route as major companies like Apple and IBM drop degree requirements.

By Amanda Breen Edited by Jessica Thomas

Key Takeaways

  • The average college graduate starting salary is under $60,000 — less than that of many roles that don't require degrees.
  • Workamajig's new report compiled 10 lucrative roles that don't require college diplomas for success.

Increasingly, Americans are considering alternative paths that don't involve a college education. Four million fewer students were enrolled in college in 2022 compared to the decade before, NBC News reported.

As of 2023, borrowers had an average of $37,338 in federal student loan debt, USA Today reported — and the typical college graduate's starting salary is roughly $58,862, per Bankrate.

More than four in 10 bachelor's degree holders under 45 don't believe that the benefits of their education exceed the costs, according to a survey by the Federal Reserve.

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