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'Loud Layoffs' Are Destroying Your Mental Health — Use These Mindset Hacks to Protect Your Peace Don't let your biggest fears become your new reality.

By Amanda Breen Edited by Jessica Thomas

Key Takeaways

  • Anxiety around public layoffs manifests emotionally and physically
  • Unchecked anxiety can contribute to a negative self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Kathryn Janicek reveals mindset hacks that will help you regain a sense of control
Carol Yepes | Getty Images

Many new terms have entered the workplace lexicon in recent months, with "quiet" in particular capturing the sentiment of various trends across hiring, firing, promoting and more.

But things are getting louder now — namely, layoffs.

"Loud layoffs are just that, loud," Kathryn Janicek, an Emmy-winning media and public speaking trainer for Fortune 500 companies, tells Entrepreneur. "These layoffs, or reduction in force (RIFs) announcements, are given publicly with little to no direct communication to the affected employees."

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