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Mastering the Art of the Deal at the Bar A bartender muses on one regular's skillful courting of customers.

By Derek Brown

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Even though it may strike you as simple advice, it bears repeating: Get to know your bartender. Of the cast of characters in your life--friends, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and so on--bartenders rank among the most useful, especially for business professionals.

Take it from someone who has seen it all: Your performance at the bar can render the old mahogany a ladder or a slide, either raising your profile or eviscerating it. This truth was never more evident to me than when I met a soon-to-be regular who mastered the art of the deal at the bar.

His name was Frank. He walked in, sat down and placed an order at my bar: bourbon, rocks. He was a tall, impressive figure with an easygoing demeanor. Instantly likable. During a lull, he asked me about my favorite drinks. We got to talking about a classic Old Fashioned, sans fruit--just rye whiskey, a little sugar syrup, bitters and a thin lemon peel.

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