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Slash Lifestyle: Exploring the Hidden Self Doing what you are interested in is the key to a successful slash lifestyle.

By Christina Guo Edited by Ryan Droste

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The recent advancement of information technology, globalization, change in the business context and online opportunity has drastically changed the way people work. Nine-to-five jobs are becoming obsolete, and many employees are becoming independent workers, such as freelancers.

In this situation, some people work more than one job. These individuals take multiple projects from various clients and are known as "slash." Thus, a slash is a person who performs multiple jobs simultaneously or who pursues multiple careers at once. The concept of slash was first introduced by New York Times columnist and author Marci Alboher who described the slash lifestyle as a new way of successful work-life balance.

How a slash lifestyle contributes to a successful work-life balance is an important, yet different, topic.

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