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These 5 Money Secrets Can Turn Healthy Relationships Toxic, Financial Therapist Warns Dr. Traci Williams reveals what's at stake when couples avoid awkward conversations — and how to move forward in a productive way.

By Amanda Breen

Key Takeaways

  • Many people still consider money a taboo topic and avoid discussions about it.
  • Yet 22% of those in serious relationships would end the relationship over poor financial management.

"Money is a taboo topic in our society, high on the list of topics to avoid on dates, alongside politics and religion," certified financial therapist Dr. Traci Williams tells Entrepreneur. "Even for established couples, it can be an uncomfortable topic."

Image Credit: Lyndsey Hobby Photography. Dr. Traci Williams.

Many people grew up in families where money wasn't a topic of conversation or was a source of stress for their caregivers, Williams says, and that can translate to a lack of financial literacy, money mistakes and "fear of potential embarrassment" if they have to be transparent about their financial circumstances with a partner.

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