Free On-Demand Webinar: Four Things Most Freelancers Get Wrong When Hiring Their First VA

View this video to learn about the importance of outsourcing and delegating. While a virtual assistant can help simplify your life, leaving you with free time to scale your business, Laura Briggs warns against common pitfalls some business owners make when hiring one. She offers tips and strategies to help avoid common mistakes, such as looking for the "magical unicorn" assistant that doesn't actually exist, not taking the time to properly evaluate prospects, and failing to fully train an assistant.

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About the Speaker

Laura Briggs is a former teacher turned entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, and author. Her first book, How to Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business, won the 2019 Author Academy Awards "Best in Business" prize. Her second book, The Six Figure Freelancer, will be published in October 2020.