Free On-Demand Webinar: How the World's Largest Network for Neighborhoods Grew Explosively Fast

When the coronavirus pandemic forced people around the globe to isolate at home, millions flocked to the world's largest private social network for neighborhoods — Nextdoor — to exchange helpful information, goods and services. The number of active users increased 80 percent each week between February to March as people looked to connect more, like offering to pick up groceries or medicine for neighbors, to share supplies, or walk people's dogs -- and even intel on where to find scarce items like toilet paper. The hyperlocal app continues to play an increasingly important role in the community, as does CEO Sarah Friar's leadership for the fast-growing organization. As a former executive at Salesforce and CFO of Square during its highly publicized IPO, she's an expert at managing sudden growth. In the next episode of our webinar series, Comparably co-founder/CEO Jason Nazar speaks with Friar about the incredible journey that took her from a small Irish village to the mines of Ghana to her current role -- and all the lessons she learned along the way. Other topics include:

  • Navigating user hyper-growth and strategy during the pandemic
  • Driving monetization with responsibility and purpose
  • Maintaining workplace culture in global offices while working remotely
  • Corporate leadership's role in diversifying the workplace and boardroom
  • How to expand long-term customer loyalty and grow a community-driven platform

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About the Speakers

Prior to joining Nextdoor as CEO in 2018, Sarah Friar served as CFO at Square, SVP of Finance & Strategy at Salesforce, and lead software analyst and Business Unit Leader at Goldman Sachs, as well as leadership positions at McKinsey. Sarah sits on the boards of Walmart and Slack, and is co-founder of Ladies Who Launch, a network that mentors and inspires women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Jason Nazar is co-founder/CEO of Comparably, a leading workplace culture and compensation site that provides the most comprehensive and accurate representation of what it's like to work at companies.