Free Report: How To Grow Your Customer Base By Making Personal Connections

We live in a digital world, but consumers still crave the human touch. While online marketing has the unrivaled power to reach massive groups of potential customers, consumer behavioral data reveals that 60 percent of interested prospects like to follow up with a phone call. This is a critical moment when companies can either land or lose new business.

Customers want to speak with a knowledgeable person who can answer their questions quickly, but there is a big gap between those expectations and many businesses' ability to meet them. Research shows that 70 percent of consumers expect a response within five minutes of reaching out, but the truth is that the average response time for websites is 17 hours.

Smart companies understand that the faster they can move from a digital to a personal connection, the better their chances of winning the business. This free white paper will explore two proven methods for accomplishing that goal efficiently and economically: online live chat and virtual receptionist services.

In the following pages, we will provide data, tips and best practices for implementing these scalable strategies into your business, allowing you to make personal and lasting connections with customers without adding headcount to your company.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Why live chat and virtual receptionist services are more effective than chatbots and FAQs for converting sales and building customer loyalty.
  • Consumer expectations for response time and knowledge from business representatives and how to meet them.
  • The most effective digital tools to educate consumers about your business and CTAs that get your desired results.

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