How to Access Your Retirement Account Funds Under the new Stimulus Act

Small business owners, like yourself, are wondering how you can access your retirement account funds under the new Stimulus Act. Well join Mark J. Kohler and Mat Sorensen, Nationally respected Tax Lawyers, will dive deep into the impact IRS extensions have on your plans and what you can do to help yourself. During this webinar, Mark and Mat will cover:

  • What are my options for taking distributions from my 401k?
  • How much can I borrow from my 401k and what are the payback terms?
  • When can I make contributions this year and how much?
  • What retirement plan is best for my business?

About the Speakers

Mark J. Kohler is an Entrepreneur Press author, CPA, attorney, co-host of the Podcast "Refresh Your Wealth", and a senior partner at both the law firm KKOS Lawyers and the accounting firm K&E CPAs. Kohler is also the author of "The Tax and Legal Playbook, 2nd Edition", and "The Business Owner's Guide to Financial Freedom.

Mat Sorensen is an attorney, CEO, author, and podcast host. He is the CEO of Directed IRA & Directed Trust Company, a leading company in the self-directed IRA and 401k industry and a partner in the business and tax law firm of KKOS Lawyers. He is the author of The Self-Directed IRA Handbook.