Overcoming A Setback: Come Back Stronger

Many entrepreneurs and independent business owners have suffered serious setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us needed to quickly change our business model to just survive, while others have had to close up shop.

But whatever your setback is, our experts, Danielle Sabrina and Charlie Jabaley are here to help you overcome your setback and start planning your comeback. Both Danielle and Charlie have had their series of setbacks during their career, but have always figured out a way to come out stronger the other side.

Join us as Danielle and Charlie share their real life and career setbacks and discuss the steps they took to make sure their comeback was even stronger.

About the Speaker

Danielle Sabrina is the founder and CEO of Tribe Builder Media, an award-winning PR agency. Named 2019 Female Entrepreneur of the Year and Top 20 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow 2018. Her diverse client base includes high-profile CEOs, influencers, NBA/NFL players and celebrities.