Quarantine Survival: The Mindfulness Version

What would it mean for you to decrease your stress and worry and lead from a place that is not reactive to our current global challenges, but responsive and proactive based on being balanced and conscious? Join well-being & mindfulness expert coach, Corene Summers, for this conversation around how to mindfully navigate the ongoing and ever-changing pandemic crisis. We'll talk about mindset, habits and practical techniques to release stress and anxiety as well as re-energize and stay motivated.

In this session we'll explore how to:

  • Overcome/manage fear and worry amidst uncertainty
  • Remain internally calm and resilient through external chaos
  • Stay mindful and motivated when working from home
  • Quarantine with purpose and cultivate opportunity out of adversity

About the Speaker

Corene Summers is an expert in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and holistic techniques to our modern world. She's a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist©, founder of Artisan Farmacy, an international meditation & yoga teacher, Reiki Master, holistic life coach, writer, advisor & content contributor for the meditation.live App. Corene supports clients in advancing their health, careers and lives overall through reducing stress, tension and optimizing sleep; increasing energy, focus creativity, innovation and success.