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BioXcellerator – a world leader in stem cell therapy and research – is dedicated to alleviating pain & suffering, giving new hope to those who suffer from autoimmune and degenerative diseases and improving people’s health, immunity, longevity, and overall quality of life. 

Our team of passionate and dedicated people including leading scientists, physicians, and researchers work each day to develop scientific breakthroughs to transform the quality of people’s lives through advanced stem cell therapies. 



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CEO on Stem Cells, Advancing Human Health, and Making Age 100 the 'New 60'

A Q+A with Eric Stoffers, CEO of BioXcellerator, a company that's pushing the boundaries in stem cell research.

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BioXcellerator CEO on 3 Ways to Harness the Power of Innovation to Make a Real Difference

Eric Stoffers, founder and CEO of BioXcellerator, shares the best ways to allow innovation to shine without becoming overwhelmed by the process.