Blue Nile

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Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is the world's leading online jeweler for engagement rings and fine jeweler. Shop for extraordinary, high-quality diamonds at a great value. As the leader in handcrafted engagement rings and beautiful fine jewelry, we're constantly innovating and looking for new ways to help you discover and design the perfect pieces for every occasion. We strive to be your jeweler for life.


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Discover 10 Must-Have Holiday Gifts from Blue Nile at Half the Price

Not a lot of spare time on your hands? These gift ideas from Blue Nile make it easy to click, ship, and spoil your loved ones in just minutes.

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Jewelry Giant Blue Nile Explores the Ethical Appeal of Lab-Grown Diamonds

These four lab-grown diamond pieces from Blue Nile show how ethical choices and entrepreneurial success can go hand in hand.