Great Clips

Brand Spotlight Partner What's This?

Great Clips is the world’s largest and fastest growing hair salon brand, with more than 4,400 salons across the U.S. and Canada. Providing great haircuts at a great price in a convenient, no appointment walk-in format, they continue to grow through franchising. 


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From a Staggering Decline to a Remarkable Recovery: One Franchisor's Surviving-to-Thriving Story

In March of 2020, Great Clips had 4,501 salons open. One month later that number was 17. How did this franchise organization pivot during a global pandemic to not only survive but thrive?

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Why This Franchisor Doesn't Look for the 'Perfect' Franchisee

Like any business, franchisors often get caught up in recruiting and qualifying the perfect candidates to invest in their organization. What's the balance between being too picky and not picky enough?

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How a Strategic Plan Helps When Things Don't Go as Expected

Great Clips, Inc. President Rob Goggins knows first-hand how a strategic plan can make a difference for a business during challenging times.

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Can a Company Culture Thrive&#8212or Even Survive&#8212During a Pandemic?

A strong company culture is more important than ever as employees work remotely, away from the support and structure of a formal office setting.

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Are You Sure Your Franchisor Has Your Back?

The true test of a good franchisor is what they do to help a franchisee in good times and bad-especially in bad.

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Do You Have the 5 Characteristics of a Successful Franchisee?

Most successful franchisees know there's no such thing as being an absentee owner. Investing in a manager-run business can help them manage their time and their investment.