Why Major Sports Have Embraced Big Data (And How They Use It)

Major Sports Are Embracing Big Data Analytics. In the post-Moneyball sports world, stories about using advanced analytics to help make front office and coaching decisions began to multiply.

50 Top Tips For Analytics

Like so many other technologies, business intelligence is steadily becoming democratised. A few years ago, BI and analytics were the province of IT specialists and business analysts – a relatively niche, expert community.

Are You A BI "Fumbler" or "Fact Finder"?

When it comes to business intelligence, IDC identifies organizations as BI “fumblers” and “fact finders.” The fumblers base decisions on incomplete, unorganized data and opinions – and hope they never get called on to explain themselves. Whereas, the fact finders base decisions on accurate, structured, and up-to-the-minute information

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing: If You Haven't Considered It, You're Way Behind

The cloud, cloud computing, SaaS…like it or not, we hear these terms mentioned incessantly in the technology and business world. And for a good reason – the benefits of cloud computing are vast.

5 Habits Of Leaders Who Create Workspace Culture

"When I was a student (once upon a time I thought I was to be a clinical psychologist), and broke, and spending time in New York City (when I decided I was not to be a performing artist, choreographer for my career after all).