VSP Vision Care Spotlight
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VSP Vision Care Spotlight

4 Tips for Navigating the Newly Crowded Gig Economy

While competition for freelance and contract work is heating up, tried and true strategies can help set you on the right path.

More About VSP Vision Care

VSP® Individual Vision Plans offers independent plans for independent workers, leading the way in an entirely new “independent benefits” industry.

VSP is the #1 choice in vision care, and offers affordable individual vision insurance for individual workers and those who don’t have access to employer-provided vision care.

Individual vision plans are a simple, personalized benefits offering that can cost as low as $13 a month and provide an average savings of over $200 per year. That’s the lowest out-of-pocket costs in vision care.

To find a plan or more information, go to GetVSPDirect.com.

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