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How Automation Intelligence Can Improve Your Business in Good and Bad Times It's important to prove to your team that automation doesn't mean layoffs.

By Tristan Pollock

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Westend61 | Getty Images

During the recession of 2007 to 2009, Airbnb, Slack, Dropbox and Stripe all began their journey. So did another 45,000 tech companies. So, despite the economic destruction we've seen, there is hope many companies will find their way. Most will probably downsize, cut their burn and extend their runway. At the same time, they will also enhance their business practices, optimize and automate.

That doesn't mean layoffs. Automation means upgrading their employees. A famous CEO quote often goes, "I want to grow myself out of a job." It means that as their company scales and hires smarter people and implements better systems, the CEO can focus more on more on strategy and supporting her team. It gets them out of the weeds, and that's what automation will do for employees.

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