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How Machine Learning Is Changing Influencer Marketing To get ahead, some companies have discovered an unfair advantage in digital sales.

By Eugene Tsaplin Edited by Bill Schulz

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Influencer marketing has grown significantly due to the pervasive use of social media platforms in promoting products and services.

In 2019 the practice reached $6.5 billion and is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022. Marketing today is all about algorithms, data and analytics to gain a targeted audience rather than the traditional spray-and-pray approach. The major success factor is figuring out how influencer marketing can become more effective by targeting the right audience to increase customer engagement.

Technological advancements such as machine learning (ML), natural processing languages (NLPs) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how brands enhance influencer marketing. ML tech is assisting organizations in three areas: Creating relevant copy to reach the intended audience, identifying the right content creators for various marketing segments and recommending impactful workflow processes. As the digital space continues expanding, ML is a prerequisite for leveraging the actual benefits of influencer marketing.

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