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How Online Tools Can Help Your Nonprofit Survive COVID-19 Five practical tips for using technology to create personal and meaningful connections with donors.

By Chuyue Jing Edited by Anna Wahrman

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Maskot | Getty Images

COVID-19 has affected countless small businesses across various industries all over the world. With further waves of infections looming, companies and nonprofits could see another extended lockdown period. So how can nonprofits survive the challenging times ahead? Start implementing the below tips now.

1. Get online

Stakeholder relationships are everything for nonprofit organizations, but getting your mission heard and supported is hard. The 2020 Global Trends in Giving report by Funraise and Nonprofit Tech for Good shows that all generations are becoming more tech-based in their giving habits, with 92 percent of donors saying that nonprofits must invest financial resources in digital communications to stay relevant. This is why having an online presence is more important now than ever. By also creating a social media strategy that shares the stories of the people your nonprofit helps, you can build a timeless brand. Your website is also one of your most important assets, so ensure that optimizing the user journey is not overlooked, and be sure to create content that engages younger generation.

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