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The Skimm Lets Its Employees Take 'Sacred Time' Away From The Office Here is how to use technology to keep you focused.

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The Skimm

As a company, our goal is to create products to help female millennials live smarter. You go offline -- to a dinner, a work event, a party -- and our tools make you savvier and empowered for those times. So inside our office, with our own employees, we want to use technology the same way: Digital should make real-life connections even stronger.

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This started early for us. Back when we had only five employees, one of them asked what we were up to during the day. So we made our calendars accessible to our team. Then we created a shared-calendar system for everyone. Now we have 45 employees, and everyone can see each other's schedule. It's useful for scheduling and collaborating, but just as important, it enables people to block off hours for what we call sacred time. Everyone here can set times on their calendar when they're not available for the company -- maybe to take a twice-a-week workout class, or regular walks, or whatever they want to do. There are no parameters. When people take care of themselves, they're more creative and more focused when they come back.