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Top 10 Apps That Are Positively Impacting Our Society From education to community service, mobile apps can play a pivotal role in changing lives for the better.

By Abeer Raza

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Tim Robberts | Getty Images

It is cold, isn't it? Did you check the weather today? It is difficult to wake up in the winter without an alarm. Did you set yours? Or did you ask your friend to call you? The chances are that if you did any of these things today, you probably used an app. They are everywhere, and we depend on them for almost everything.

You want to listen to music? You use Spotify. Are you struggling to find your destination? Download Google Maps. As the pandemic took over our lives, our reliance on apps only increased. We used Amazon to order the things we needed and Facebook to stay in touch with our friends. Apps are a fundamental part of our society now because they make our lives easier.

As the place that apps occupy in our lives increases, so do concern and criticism. People are worried about all the data that apps collect. Where is the data going, and what are app makers doing with it? Maybe we are too dependent on apps, and eventually they will come to control us. Their algorithms are designed to keep us hooked, to keep us scrolling until we buy enough products. But even for the skeptics, it is important to remember that apps can have the effect of positively changing our society.