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Hot . . . Or Not? Is that "hot" start-up concept all it's cracked up to be? How to test your idea and start the business that's right for you

If you've ever felt that you have the ideas but not theskills, backing or know-how to make things happen, you know whatthe search for the perfect start-up is like. You think you'vefound a promising idea. You can just see that business runningalong successfully, with plenty of orders rolling in.

But then you try to get started. And it's like putting on asweater and getting your head caught in the arm hole. You'rethrashing about, going nowhere. You can't get in-orout.

And that's my point. I've seen too many entrepreneursget hogtied like this. They find an idea that sounds reallyinteresting, but somewhere along the way, it gets stuck. Thatstinks, because these people usually have terrific skills andaccomplishments to draw from. They're super workers, with soliddreams. If they'd tweak their plans, they could build abusiness that fits them like a pair of comfortable shoes.

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