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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags
You have to wonder what strange genius is behind the anti-theft lunch bags made by a design company called, simply, the. Slide your perfect turkey panini into a zip-lock bag printed with green splotches and--presto!--a spoiled, mold-ridden disguise will shield you from injustice (and hunger).

Eatwhatever's 2-Step Breath Fresheners
Close talkers, take note: Running a company is tough, but it's tough on others when you've had one too many cups of coffee. Eatwhatever's breath fresheners works in two steps: The vegan-friendly gel caps kill bad breath in the stomach. Then, pop in the mints for a bit of instant freshness. They can even eliminate any leftover unpleasantness caused by subpar conference food. And that's tough.

Rationalizer Biofeedback System
Philips' electronics company and the Dutch bank ABN AMRO have developed the concept of the "Rationalizer," a biofeedback system that tells online investors when it's time to take a chill pill. When the monitoring band (the "EmoBracelet") picks up signs of stress, the light from a desktop indicator (the "EmoBowl") turns a brighter red. Who knows if it works? But if the financial crisis is bad enough to send a mega-corporation and an international banking group around the emo bend, maybe the recovery will take longer than we thought.

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