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The biggest of waste of money for small business owners is when they do too much themselves. It’s taking away time from selling or managing a business or growing operations. Let people do what they’re best at, and you do what you’re best at.
Leaning on technology for your finances not only saves time, but allows you to access data wherever you happen to be, on any device you own. It really gives you the opportunity to leverage people wherever they happen to be.
You have to invest in a customer relationship management. With a good CRM system you can ensure your prospects and customers are being touched frequently, so you can identify potential opportunities. With a good CRM system in place, good data and good controls, it will absolutely help you increase your revenue.
Make sure you are doing as much financial forecasting using actual numbers as you possibly can. All forecasting, particularly if you’re forecasting revenue, is an educated estimate, but at the same time, you’ve got to lean heavily on that history and be very, very conservative.
My favorite productivity tip is exercising first thing in the morning for 30 minutes. This not only starts your day on the right foot, it gives you so much more energy throughout your day to knock things off that to-do list. The 30 minutes you lose in extra sleep you gain back tenfold in productivity.
Mental fatigue is a real thing! Every Yin needs a Yang to perform at your highest level mentally and physically. Rest and recharging is as important to the overall plan as the go-go-go attitude.
Need a mental vacation, but can’t travel? Simple. Binge watch your favorite show and eat a pizza.
Reframe how you think of failing. Learn from your mistakes and point out all the people you know in your life who actually failed upward. You don’t need to win every time. You need to learn the skill of resilience and you only get that by falling and getting back up again.
We are living in an era where we have access to more data than ever before. Leaders need to be able to analyze data in real time and make decisions quickly, without going through analysis paralysis. Use the data to help confirm strategic decisions and pivots as opposed to simply going off intuition and gut.
People are the most important part of any business. You bring your whole self to work, so be sensitive to the personal and professional challenges your employees may be facing. The most important relationship employees have is the relationship with their direct manager, so a manager who genuinely cares goes a long way. Especially in times of uncertainty
Be honest and open with your team, but don’t distract them with unnecessary information that is still unknown. Don’t give your team any reason to deter from executing. Encourage your team to embrace the idea of change. This is a chance to do something different, or better, where you can pivot and emerge stronger and better.
Take a few minutes to check in with team members with light-hearted communication – people want to laugh! Offer inspiration – whether encouraging reading specific books, sharing inspiring quotes, or sharing stories of businesses that have survived and thrived in challenging times. People want to be INSPIRED! And encourage them to share what inspires them.
The best way to stand out from the competition is to care about your customers. Seriously think about it – do you really care for your customers or do you just care about your sales?
Don’t ignore your followers. The purpose of social media is to engage, so respond to comments and engage. If you want a simple way to generate more sales, go live on social media and start selling.
Live is often overlooked. Social networks are trying to compete with TV networks. If you go live they will naturally push your content to more people to encourage you to continue to go live.
Less than 12% of commerce is done online. It’s not too late go online.

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