Business Mantra

Growing a Business

I Built a Billion-Dollar Business in Just 10 Years, And These Are the 9 Mantras I Live By

This excerpt from my forthcoming book offers exclusive insights into the gritty (not glamorous) details of building The Agency from an idea to a billion-dollar global brokerage.

Thought Leaders

The 3 Power Words All Entrepreneurs Need to Memorize

You'll need to remember these to handle tough situations on the journey to success.

Starting a Business

How To Create 'Momentum Moments' And Increase Sales 10-fold

It is a period of 30 minutes where you are incredibly focused on producing outcomes that move your business forward

Growth Strategies

Climbing The Ladder Of Success

One of the common denominators to achieving success is discipline. Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you become


Persistence Could Save your Business from Risks

Being the founder of a startup, one has to be aware of the mistakes they can afford to make and take calculated risks

Growth Strategies

As SRK Turns 51, We Will Tell You What You Can Learn From This Star Entrepreneur

Want to do business? Then do it in SRK way


My Business Mantra Set In Stone

Your decisions on the way will change on your entrepreneurial journey, but one thing that must remain is your approach towards your business