Business Proposal


5 Steps to Crafting an Impressive Recommendation and Scoring a Seat at the Decision-Making Table

Preparing a proposal or recommendation for your boss or company can be scary and intimidating — but it doesn't have to be. These five steps help ensure that your recommendations are well-researched and will be well-received.


How Much Free Advice Should You Give Away in a Proposal?

How to protect your property while winning the work.

Starting a Business

How to Write Proposals That Get Accepted and Don't Take Forever to Write

Learn how to write proposals that get accepted and don't take forever to write.

Growing a Business

8 Crucial Tips to Win Every Business Proposal You Ever Send

Confused people don't buy things, so don't confuse them.


6 Strategies for Avoiding the 'Race to the Bottom' Price War You Don't Want to Win

Unless you are already Walmart, don't get sucked into competing on price.


Why Won't My Customer Call Me Back?

The cruel truth is that nobody is going to be in trouble for forgetting about your proposal.

Business Plans

How to Identify Your Competitive Strengths for Your Business Plan

If you don't know what gives your new business an edge in the marketplace, here's how to figure out your unique strengths and tell others about them.

Business Plans

Your Business Plan Must-Haves

Seasoned business pros reveal exactly why your business plan is critical for success and which parts matter most.

Business Plans

How to Excite Readers With Your Business Plan's Product Section. (Yes, Seriously.)

Product descriptions can be as dry as toast--or as exciting as a roller coaster ride. Here's how to craft one that keeps people reading.

Business Plans

Risky Business: 6 Potential Pitfalls of Writing a Business Plan

There is a downside to putting your business plan on paper. Learn the risks and learn how to protect your interests.

Business Plans

What to Include in Your Business Plan

Here's what your business plan should contain, how long it should be and what it should look like.

Business Plans

5 Reasons to Write a Business Plan

There are any number of reasons why you need to create a business plan, including starting a business, seeking funding and more.