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Carvana's comeback: Shifting gears from turbulence to triumph

Carvana's strategic overhaul and technological innovation have steered it from financial uncertainty to a trajectory of growth.

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Carvana's stock shifts gears accelerating expectations

Carvana's stock fluctuates amid industry challenges, and analysts are divided on its climb from doubt to potential.

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Carvana Father-Son Duo's Net Worth Has Collapsed Alongside Company's Value

Ernie Garcia III, Carvana's chief executive officer, and his father, Ernie Garcia II, have lost billions as the company's stocks continue to fall.

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Carvana Stock Could Be Worth As Little As $1 Per Share, Analyst Predicts

Shares of the online used car retailer have plummeted more than 50% over the past two trading days.

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Carvana to Lay Off 12% of Its Workforce, Ignites 'Mass Hysteria'

The automotive retailer Carvana Co. announced it will be laying off over 2,000 workers, about 12% of its workforce, in efforts to align expenses with sales.


Carvana despedirá al 12% de su fuerza laboral, enciende la 'histeria colectiva'

El minorista automotriz Carvana Co. anunció que despedirá a más de 2000 trabajadores, alrededor del 12 % de su fuerza laboral, en un esfuerzo por alinear los gastos con las ventas.

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Here's How the Entrepreneur Behind Carvana Got the Idea That's Revolutionizing the Way We Buy Cars

'If nobody thinks you're crazy, you probably aren't on to anything truly novel.'