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Science & Technology

How Can CIOs and CTOs Spend Increasing IT Budgets?

CIOs and CTOs are increasing their IT budgets due to the need for new technologies.

Growth Strategies

What Companies Must Look For While Hiring a CTO Today

In many cases, a technology visionary can be a CTO. But recruitment businesses have to understand the changing industry patterns to tailor CTO's roles to accomplish organisation's goals.


The Evolution of a CTO

CTOs are no longer limited to adopt, drive and administer technology to make an organization run smoothly but are equal visionaries in scaling up the business


4 Things to Keep in Mind While Appointing a CTO

Though every business demands unique qualities from its CTOs, here are some tips that will help you appoint the right fit for your company


The Habit of Team-Building: Daily Practices for Chief Technology Officers

Wikipedia's definition of a CTO never gets around to mentioning leadership and team development. Maybe it should.