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How To Buy And Finance a Property Outside India

As the domestic economy hits a slowdown, Indian investors will continue the momentum of investments in other more lucrative and mature markets

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Is Real Estate A Better Bet In Current Volatile Market?

The fear of coronavirus falls on the stock market but investment pros advocate calm during the storm.

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6 Key Trends in Bengaluru's Real Estate Industry for FY 2020

With an explosive millennial workforce, the garden city is the hottest destination for all realty trends--affordable co-living spaces, student housing, luxurious home with open space & amenities, and a good rental yield


The Urgency of Property Management Companies in India

The rental market keeps growing and the demands in housing will never cease to increase and home buyers invest more on long term investment assets

Starting a Business

Why Chennai is the Next Hub for Startupreneurs?

FRO 2018 is one of the largest emerging platforms for Business Aspirants to socialize and learn

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World's Fastest Growing Market of Flexible Office Spaces is Here

Asia Pacific region is outpacing rest of the world by 150 per cent in three years

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5 Ways to Get the Most From Commercial Property Ownership

Commercial and industrial property ownership is an excellent way to build your assets, create income streams separate from your core business and plan for your retirement. Here's what you should be thinking about if you've decided it's time to invest in your own property, instead of paying off someone else's asset with your monthly rental bill.


How Can Investment in Commercial Real-estate be Compared to Other Investment Avenues

Commercial property returns are a hybrid between equity, fixed and debt funds


The Business Case Behind Maboneng, Joburg's Inner-City Regeneration Project

Welcome to Maboneng, one of South Africa's most successful urban regeneration projects. R1 billion has already been invested into the area, with an estimated additional R1 billion-worth of developments planned to regenerate these areas nestled in the heart of Joburg's inner city.