10 Playlists To Work Better This Week

Music is the best ally of creativity and productivity. These songs will become your inseparable companions!

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· 1 min read

Fear? Answering These 7 Questions Will Help You Take the Big Leap

What if everything we imagined was going to happen never happens?

Paola Arreola

· 5 min read

How You Can Protect Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Uncertainty, bad news, the losses of a loved one or close people can overwhelm and stress you. In order to face the situation and be resilient, you need to work on yourself, love yourself, protect your mind and be healthy.

Nancy Martínez

· 4 min read

What Is 'Pirate Hit'?

As in any market where piracy abounds, pirate success is also sold and bought on every street in any city in the world.

Iván Vázquez Islas

· 5 min read

Change Your Mindset From Employee To Entrepreneur

If you want to become an entrepreneur, know what attitudes you must leave behind to be successful.

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· 3 min read

What Is the Right Incubation Process for Your Startup?

Take note of these three tips to know what's best for you.

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· 4 min read

5 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Have you ever wondered why so many entrepreneurs fail?

Alejandro Saracho

· 4 min read

Do not let anything stop you

I have no doubt that entrepreneurs and SMEs are the ones who will help Mexico to get ahead in this crisis.

Marisol García Fuentes

· 3 min read

This Store Sells 'Edible Faces' in Japan to Make People Happy During the Pandemic

Is it fun or a bit creepy to eat dessert with someone's face on it?

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· 2 min read

6 Ways of Overcoming the Fear of Entrepreneurship

This article is for anyone who's imagined having their own business or carrying out a personal project.

Gustavo Giorgi

· 5 min read

'Secret Codes' to Learn a New Language by Watching Netflix

Believe it or not, users from various countries in the world are taking advantage of the streaming platform to increase their vocabulary in various languages.

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· 3 min read