Consumer Sentiment

Business News

Consumer Sentiment Edges Up but Inflation Fears Send Buying Attitudes to 40-year Low

University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index edged up to a reading of 71 in September, a slight uptick from August's 70.3, which was the lowest level since 2011.

Science & Technology

How You Can Organize Reviews Across Platforms to Understand How Your Customers Feel and Optimize Your Offerings

Sentiment analysis can help you measure how your customers feel about your products or services.

Growth Strategies

Consumer Sentiment Leading To Spurt In Growth Of Upscale Locations

The condom industry has always been a challenging market to deal with but people are slowly understanding the need


Think Boldly but Validate Your Ideas Before Taking the Leap

Successful marketers are brash when dreaming new initiatives but humble when testing to see if they are any good.

Growing a Business

Stop Interrogating Your Customers and Start Listening to What They're Actually Saying

To get accurate consumer feedback, it's time to look beyond the traditional survey.

Social Media

Marketers Are Taking a Closer Look at Your Tumblr Photos. Here's Why.

Marketers will now have access to more nuanced references, not just explicit mentions.

Real Estate

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Takes Surprise Tumble

U.S. consumer sentiment unexpectedly fell in August while housing starts for July also missed estimates.