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A Cybertruck Owner Says Fingerprints Aren't a Problem If You Polish the Exterior to a Mirror-like Finish

The small business owner who tackled the project, The Polishing Guy, estimated the job took about a week and 120 man-hours with three other employees.

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Cybertruck Engineer Asks Tesla Owners to Please Stop Beating Up the 'Tortured' Truck

Over the past few months, Cybertruck owners have been putting their trucks through a battery of tests — and beating up the vehicles in the process.

Business News

Some Cybertruck Owners Say Their Teslas Are Starting to Rust in the Rain

"I heard the story of never take out your Delorean in the rain."


Tras cuatro años de espera, Tesla por fin lanza la Cybertruck

Elon Musk encabezará el lanzamiento de la Cybertruck, uno de los proyectos más esperados y polémicos de la empresa líder en autos eléctricos.