Deal Making

Thought Leaders

7 Deadly Sins of Merger and Acquisition Negotiations

These seven deal-killers will surely stop any deal in its tracks. Learn how to recognize and combat them.

Growing a Business

If You're Hoping to Get Investment or Get Acquired This Year, Make Sure Your Business Is Ready Now

No athlete would show up to a big event unprepared, but it's amazing how many business owners do.

Starting a Business

#8 Cardinal Rules to Build Profitable Start-up - Retrospective Account

To succeed as a business, founding members need to decide on their vision and mission for the company


How these Entrepreneurs Managed a Team Amidst the Hustle of a Big, Bang Merger

The first thing that we had to convince the existing PayU employees was that we were not coming in with any vindictive or destructive agenda, we are sort of coming in to work together with them.


Where Is The Money ?

Highlighting the most impactful deals and dealmakers of 2016 - the year that was, and how it fared against the preceding year.


The Startup Dealmaker

For investors to spot curated and investment-ready ventures; for start-ups, it helps them to find like-minded investors.


3 tips by serial entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala on deal-making

Most of us don't look at investment in a win-win situation, says serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Screwvala.