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A Tribute to the Man Who Bought Entrepreneur Magazine Out of Bankruptcy Almost 40 Years Ago

Peter Shea raised the magazine's circulation 82% in just a couple years, according to the L.A. Times. He passed away in September.


What Does Entrepreneurial Excellence Mean Today? The Benchmark for Success Is Evolving — Here's How.

Discover the evolving definition of excellence for entrepreneurs, from success through domination to leaving a positive legacy for the world.

Health & Wellness

7 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Deal With Stress and Pressure

Everyone experiences stress and pressure at some point in their lives. As an entrepreneur, it's imperative to understand how stress works and how to manage it effectively.

Thought Leaders

5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master

Running your own business is like playing the piano — you need to master many different keys at once. But if you're serious about entrepreneurship, these five skills will help you play the right tune.


Dispelling The Myth: How To Build A Unicorn Startup

If you are a startup or entrepreneur creating software in retail, technology, or financial sectors, take a look at the steps you can take to emulate the success of previous unicorns.