Entrepreneurial Life

Daniel Colombo

· 8 min read

Retiring young could affect brain functions: study

A good way to improve the negative effects of retirement is to stay involved in social activities.

The Conversation

· 5 min read

8 Tips to Work From Home Without Being Distracted

Major tech companies have announced that they will allow employees to work from home permanently.

Foro Económico Mundial

· 5 min read

Do Not Digitize the Story of Your Company Anymore: Humanize It!

Business stories are more effective if they focus on the feelings of the users and not on the benefits of the products.

Mario Sorribas Fierro

· 8 min read

Mexican entrepreneurs among the most resilient in the world

We share 5 aspects that show why Mexican entrepreneurs are among the most resistant.

Arturo Lee

· 7 min read

Ungrateful people: it is your ego that prevents you from thanking those who help you

What you get in exchange for ingratitude is possibly closing the window on that person for some next time.

Daniel Colombo

· 7 min read

Do you want to improve your communication skills? Here are 8 ways to do it

These tactics include how to listen, when to ask questions, and connect emotionally.

Travis Bradberry

· 10 min read

Get to know the new free online courses at UNAM

From cinema to algebra, going through some history and journalism. Discover the new free courses at UNAM that you can start right now.

Oye Juanjo

· 5 min read