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Equifax Used Its Own Technology to Find — and Fire — 24 Workers With Secret Second Jobs

The company used a product called The Work Number, which has payroll records from about 2.5 million companies. Your employer could buy it, too.

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An Equifax 'Coding Issue' Messed Up the Credit Scores of Millions of People Applying For Loans

Some people saw swings as much as 20 points, WSJ reported.

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Credit Fintechs Clocked Highest Growth Among Lenders in 2019: Report

As per a joint report by Equifax and SIDBI, portfolio outstanding of fintech companies has grown by 92 per cent from Dec'18 to Dec'19, the highest growth rate compared to other lender types

Social Media

Does Customer Data Privacy Actually Matter? It Should.

Big tech has lost the confidence of consumers but seems to be awakening to what a problem that is.

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Should You Keep Your Credit Frozen Now That It's Free?

Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Science & Technology

Making Your Data Unreadable to Whoever Steals It Might Be the Only Way to Keep It Safe

Encryption is slowly becoming the gold standard for data security, which is a tacit acknowledgment that there is no keeping hackers out.

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Will Equifax Make Money From Its Massive Security Breach?

The company that lost your most sensitive information will, for a fee, protect you from the people who stole it.