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5 Reasons to Buy and Hold Exxon Mobil For 2024

Exxon Mobil is setting up for the next buying opportunity as oil prices correct. The story for 2024 is that high prices will drive sustained cash flow.

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Exxon, Occidental Petroleum Lead Heavy Month Of Insider Buying

Exxon Mobil and Occidental Petroleum are the top two insider buys in August if for different reasons. In both cases, dividends and dividend growth are here.

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She Made History After Becoming the First Woman of Color to Head the SEC. Then, She Stepped Down After Just Five Days.

SEC enforcement director Alex Oh stepped down from her role after being scrutinized for her part in an ExxonMobil lawsuit.

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White House Statement Copied an Entire Paragraph From an Exxon Mobil Press Release

The White House statement included minor deviations from the original, such as changing 'U.S.' to 'United States.'

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Big Brands Form Mega Customer Loyalty Program

With participants including Macy's, Rite Aid and more, the coalition could shake up traditional rewards programs in the U.S.

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Why Exxon's Lower Profit is Bad for Taxpayers

While some lawmakers are quick to join in the chorus of complaints about 'Big Oil', it's companies like Exxon that send the bags of cash to Washington for Congress to squander, writes Ray Hennessey.