Financing Acquisitions

Growing a Business

5 Tips for Leveraging M&A as a Growth Strategy

Those who assess the potential risks and returns of an acquisition to make an informed decision will reap the most rewards.


Fintech Unicorn CRED Acquires This Lending SaaS Startup

With the latest acquisition, the Bangalore-based financial service provider is extending its customer base to cover different audiences

Thought Leaders

Interested in a Rapid Path to Business Ownership and CEO Status? Follow This Investment Method

This model is a means for entrepreneurs to venture into new fields and acquisitions.


Equipment Financing and Leasing: What You Need to Know

Spreading out the cost of your business's equipment is one way to make it more affordable.


VCs These Days Are Off Chasing Unicorns. But You Have Another Funding Option: Acquisition.

Showcasing that you have an innovative idea, understand your market need and have a talented team can get you in the door with the right potential partner.

Buying / Investing in Business

Don't Even Think About M&A Until You've Mastered These 5 Practices

Your hardest days as an entrepreneur will happen between your suitor's first email and shareholder approval, a year later.

Growing a Business

7 Reasons Why Your Business Will Never Be Acquired and What You Can Do About It (Infographic)

Luckily, these issues are all factors business owners can control.

Buying / Investing in Business

Business-Buying Search Funds Gain Momentum

The buy-build-sell strategy is spreading thanks to a few high-profile successes. Here's how it works.

Money & Finance

Search Funds: A Financing Option for Business Buyers

Search funds seek out opportunities to acquire.