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How 'Tea' has the Potential Make India and Sri Lanka Better Neighbours

This tea connoisseur a fan of the Indian culture and food hopes to create magic with India's connection with Sri Lanka in terms of tea


Why Local Produce is the Future of the Food Industry

Businesses are focusing on creating innovative dishes with local produce

Starting a Business

"Creativity Without Profitability is Useless," Says this Celebrity Chef cum Entrepreneur

"I thought if I am using my brains, expertise, skills, and experience for others then I can do it for myself too"


How this Sibling Duo is Brewing a New Age Tea Story

With high quality produce to favour them, the duo looks to disrupt the tea sector

Growth Strategies

Can Yield Management Change the Future of Food & Beverage industry?

Yield management will encourage restaurants to be more competitive in the services they offer, cutting through the clutter of competing restaurants