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We Can't Rely on Venture Capital Funding to Build a Just and Thriving Entrepreneurial Economy. Here's What to Do Instead

If we hope to build a thriving economy that supports a diversity of business models and entrepreneurs, we should work to expand inclusive non-VC business funding models.

Starting a Business

This Is How Overfunding Can Kill Your Startup

It's actually more detrimental to startups than underfunding.

Growth Strategies

Four Tips on How to Use Intermediaries to Raise Funds

Most companies grow by re-investing profits, but sometimes the gains cannot support the magnitude of the investment needed to expand rapidly

Starting a Business

5 Things That Investors Look For In Startups

Follow these simple rules to woo your investors and increase your chances to get a good deal.


What the Founders of Job Platform WayUp Learned About Venture Funding

Having just raised $7.8 million in a Series A round, founder Liz Wessel shares what she learned from the experience.

Buying / Investing in Business

How Spoon University Navigated the Tricky Process of Raising Money as an Early Stage Startup

CEO Mackenzie Barth shares fundraising do's and don'ts.

Growing a Business

What the Founder of Jukely Learned About Raising Money

Bora Celik of Jukely explains how he snagged funding for his company.

Growing a Business

How DigitalOcean Won Over Investors

VCs weren't initially sold on the startup, which is now one of the fastest-growing cloud hosting providers in the market.