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Furlenco Raises INR 20 Cr Venture Debt From BlackSoil Capital

The startup said to have furnished over 150,000 homes across eight big cities in India and has an AUM worth more than INR 200 crore

Growth Strategies

How this Australian Furniture Business Doubled Its Employees During COVID-19

Winston Tu, CEO, Luxo Living shares how his furniture company not only survived but thrived the Covid-19 pandemic by clocking a revenue growth of 70 per cent compared to August last year


Luxury Furniture On Rent For Those Bitten By the Luxury Bug

Actually possessing nothing is now a luxury in this digital world, thanks to the online subscription furniture retailers.


The Outlook for the Furniture and Home Decor Industry in 2019

People have moved from choosing traditional wooden furnishing to selecting eclectic home decor designed keeping in mind the comfort, luxury trends, spacing and other needs of the modern-day lifestyles

Starting a Business

Challenges of Modern Furniture Designing

As the customer expectations rise, contemporary furniture making also needs to find solutions to the various challenges it is facing and important innovations they are bringing

Starting a Business

4 Reasons Why the Furniture Industry in India Needs to Shift to Space-saving Options

Instead of searching for more spaces and expanding cities to suburban areas, we need to think in terms of using the existing spaces to the best advantage of using utility furniture