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Hike Shuts Down Amid WhatsApp Privacy Row; Company To Focus On New Products

Founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal in 2012, Hike was placed in the market as an alternative to the popular WhatsApp

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World Has Evolved for Young Entrepreneurs Due To the Power of Internet: Kavin Bharti Mittal

Mittal talks about the blend of virtual reality and social networking, and how the future of social media seems totally different

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Hike Launches Hikeland, A Virtual World To Hangout

The company claims that Hikeland is a safe place for people to hang out online where great relationships can blossom around shared experiences.

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5 Times Indian Start-Ups Expanded Overseas Through Acquisitions

The last few years have seen several start-ups in the Indian ecosystem grow at breakneck pace, scaling operations both in domestic as well as international markets. To scale quickly, some of these start-ups have taken the acquisition route

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Bad Communication Skills Equal Bad Appraisals; Brush up on Your Skills Now

India's unemployment crisis indicates that a large percentage of employees, even with multiple years of work experience, lack strong communication skills

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Employee Compensation Structure Ensures Business Growth, Says This CEO

E-commerce start-ups are bleeding because of unrealistic compensation policies for mid and senior-level employees


Meet the Zen Billionaire of India - Kavin Bharti Mittal

Kavin was fortunate to have a father who had built an empire and very naturally he started picking up things very early.

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"Investors Only Fund Great Teams And Great Products"

Kavin Mittal speaks on investments and chat bots invasion.

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A.I. - Revolutionizing The Start-up Sphere In India

From Mad Street Den to Hike, this is how A.I. can change startups in India.