3 Positive Ways to Harness Career Envy

Examining your envy without judgment allows you to move past that sour emotion and toward your goal.

Caren Merrick

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The Sad Truth About Online Haters Is That They Are Just Losers

Success is almost certain to make somebody else envious, so take their hate as a sign you're doing something right.

Peter Voogd

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First Class Cabins Are Setting Off Air Rage, Study Finds

Taking that humbling walk past those already seated in first class becomes a clear reinforcement of their 'relatively disadvantaged status,' the authors wrote, which can 'prompt negative emotions.'

Erik Sherman

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Andrew McDermott

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3 Ways to Use the Green-Eyed Monster to Your Advantage

Envious of others? Here's what to do about it.

Marc Mawhinney

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The 10 Steps to Help You Overcome Jealousy

Here is how to stop jealousy from sabotaging your relationships.

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Success Will Never Come to Entrepreneurs Who Do These 10 Things

There will always be winners and losers. Make sure you don't end up the latter.

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Overcoming Entrepreneurial Envy

Jealousy creates disconnection, which can only harm the prospects of a growing firm. Here's how to turn around that dynamic.

Kate Swoboda

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