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Nestlé India to Invest INR 4,200 Cr by 2025; Investments Include 10th Odisha Factory and Ramping Up Portfolio Production

Earlier this month, the company received the nod from the Industrial Promotion and Investment Corp. of Odisha Ltd (IPICOL) to build its 10th state factory.

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From 49th Most Valued to Top 4 FMCGs in About Two Weeks, Varun Beverages Briefly Surpasses Britannia

The 1995-incorporated company entered the INR One Lakh Crore club on May 10, making it the 48th in the overall market ranking according to BSE data.

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Nestlé To Build $43 Million Factory in Ukraine Amid Ongoing War With Russia

The company said on Monday it would build a new factory in the Volyn region of Ukraine.


Ante la presión Nestlé deja de vender KitKat y Nesquik en Rusia

Hasta el día de hoy la empresa sigue vendiendo alimentos esenciales, aunque ha detenido todas sus inversiones, importaciones y exportaciones hacia territorio ruso.

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Faced with pressure, Nestlé stops selling KitKat and Nesquik in Russia

To this day, the company continues to sell essential foods, although it has stopped all its investments, imports and exports to Russian territory.


Estas son las grandes marcas que, pese al conflicto armado, siguen ofreciendo sus productos y servicios en Rusia

La lista de empresas que salen de mercado ruso crece cada día, pero no todas las grandes marcas han detenido sus operaciones.

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India's burgeoning 'ready-to-eat' segment stands out

While Nestle has entered the space, domestic foods companies are also expanding footprint

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How This Husband and Wife Duo Built a Company That Was Acquired by Nestle Only 5 Years After Its Founding

Sweet Earth Foods was started by food and marketing veterans who had a clear focus right from the beginning.

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Social Enterprises, Nestle's Creating Shared Value Prize 2018 Is Looking For You

For social entrepreneurs looking for avenues to scaling their ventures, here's your chance.


The CEO Who Managed One of the Biggest FMCG Crises in Decades

The company rose like the phoenix from the ashes to become the market leader, yet again, in a short span of six months

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Nestle Loses Battle With Cadbury Over the Shape of Its Kit Kats

Nestle would have to prove that when it applied in 2002, its Kit Kat shape had already gained distinctive character.

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Nestle Commits to Going Cage Free by 2020

The world's largest food maker said it uses about 20 million pounds of eggs annually.

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Low quality of products eventually leads to dangerously low profits

Q3 Profit of Nestle India drastically hit; falls 60% to 124.20 crore

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Nestle Candy Products Will Get Slightly Less Junky This Year

The company has committed to removing artificial flavors and colors by the end of 2015.