New Normal

Millennials least want to go back to their offices

Young employees will seek schemes that allow them to maintain their health, professional growth and personal development.

Do you want to go back to the office? Meet the hybrid work model

The new normal offers the opportunity to mix the advantages of home office and office work.


3 Workplace Habits Every Entrepreneur Needs to Survive the 'New Normal'

The stressful day of an entrepreneur can be offset by taking the time to mentally reset and re-charge your batteries.

Questions to 'Reset' Your Business to Continue Growing

What is driving the recovery of my sector? What have I improved in my processes in recent months that have become a differentiator? How has my consumer changed and what can I offer them?

Rodrigo Segal

Free Webinar | Dec. 14: How the "New Normal" Has Changed Our Approach to Marketing

Join Julia Stead, the CMO of Allocadia, as she presents tips for marketing a business during these uncertain times.

How the Health Crisis Will Change Socializing in Business Settings

Gone are the days of handshakes, cash transactions, and open floor plans.

Tanner Simkins

Free Webinar | Sept. 30: Winners and Losers of the Post-COVID World

Join us as we discuss exactly how the pandemic has affected the future of work, how the smartest companies in the world are adjusting and how to prosper better than ever.

Tips to Follow When Re-Fitting Your Business Model to the New Normal

"Necessity is the mother of invention." Here's how to keep growing your business despite 2020's obstacles.

Tanner Simkins

3 of the Best Uses for AI in Our New Normal

Advances in artificial intelligence continue to provide entrepreneurs with exciting ways to improve their companies.

Lucas Miller