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Starting a Business

Comparing the Most Popular Business Forms in Latvia

What are the differences between a private limited liability company and a sole trader in Latvia -- and which is right for you?

Starting a Business

You Really Could Have a Legitimate Business in a Week

If your great idea solves problems, the rest is mostly filling out forms online. You can knock it out in a few days.

Growth Strategies

Some Must Knows For Entrepreneurs In 2016

You might want to write them down.

Starting a Business

Offshore Company Formation: A Springboard to Success

This business structure is not only a highly efficient way for startups, but is also the most cost effective one when thinking of launching a company.

Growing a Business

A Business Name vs. a Trademark: Do You Know the Difference?

One gives you protection in your state only; the other gives protection in all 50.


Your Papers, Please! Registering Your Business in Multiple States

Registering your business in more than one state is a chore but much easier than dealing with the problems if you don't.