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Entrepreneurs Need To Target R&D Of A Million Engineers In India: Ather CEO

Indian companies are often quite happy seeing a 3-4 per cent R&D spend but we need to focus a lot on the numbers otherwise no one can beat a 10-100X numbers advantage.

Starting a Business

4 Effective Ways To Accomplish This Missing Step That Most Entrepreneurs Overlook

You launch your product or business... and nothing happens. Sound familiar? Here's how to change that outcome.

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Ola Electric Invests $500 Million To Set Up Battery Innovation Centre

As per company statement, it will be one of the most advanced cell R&D facilities with more than 165 unique and cutting-edge lab equipment to cover all aspects of cell-related research and development

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How a Skunk Works Approach Can Help You Balance 'Business as Usual' and Innovation

My company was able to synergize day-to-day operations and dynamic evolution, and yours can too.

Growth Strategies

Ola Electric Announces Futurefoundry

The company will invest over $100 million in creating its global center for advanced engineering and vehicle design in the UK


Technology Hubs Are Setting the pace for Nurturing Innovations

The technology labs - or hubs, or incubators, or accelerators, are setting the pace when it comes to nurturing innovations globally

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How Asia Is Transforming Into An Innovation Powerhouse

In 2018, China, Japan and South Korea spent a combined $613 billion on R&D, bagging three of the top five spots globally. The private sector played the biggest role, accounting for about 78 per cent of the overall numbers.

Growth Strategies

Australia Needs to Pull Its Socks Up on Investing in R&D

Australia needs to get serious about investing in research and development if it wants to stay prosperous


How to Balance Innovation and a Practical Outlook in Being an Entrepreneur

In our day and age where innovation is the buzz word on the street, achieving it with practicality is an important lesson that cannot be ignored


Innovation is the Evolution You Need to Build Your Business

While this concept seems simple enough, innovation is a huge driving factor to economic growth, welfare, and resources