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Traffic Jam Caused by Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco Sparks Outcry and Safety Concerns

Self-driving vehicles have hit the streets of San Francisco, and some locals are less than thrilled, especially after an unexpectedly traffic jam was triggered over the weekend.

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Watch Tesla's Full Self-Driving Navigate from SF to LA with (Almost) No Help

It shows progress, but also that there's a long way to go.

Business News

Apple Now Has More Than 50 Self-Driving Cars on the Road

The tech company's self-driving program continues to flourish.


Not All MNCs Think AI is Just To Make Robots

The fear with respect to the rise of AI is already been shared by many business leaders. The biggest fear that most of us have about this technology is that the robots will 'take over' our jobs.

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Ford Invests US$1 Billion In Autonomous Vehicle Technology Startup Argo AI

With a lot of players involved, we might finally be closer to self-driving cars, flying cars, and more soon.