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Funding: Southeast Asia's Tech Startups Raised Close to US$6 Bn in H1 2019

Fintech, healthcare and logistics sectors demonstrated solid growth in H1 2019, says a recently funding report by Cento Ventures


Shark Tank Winner Vusani Ravele on Why it's Not About the Money

Vusani Ravele secured offers from every single Shark in the first episode of Shark Tank South Africa, eventually settling on an offer from Gil Oved from The Creative Counsel. Entrepreneur asked him how this investment has changed his business.


This Startup is Breathing Life into Storytelling of Brands

Even the most boring and technical startups could now have a emotionally connecting presentation and pitch for customers and funders alike

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How to Create a Fair and Equitable Partnership From Day One

Our expert lays out how to register your business venture when one partner is providing the majority of the start-up capital.


Crowdfunding Live: How One Spark Ignites Ideas

In-person events for financial prospecting provide benefits that online platforms don't: gathered masses, a pool of dedicated dollars and a chance to receive immediate project feedback.