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North India Home to Below 10% of Spacetech Startups

Of the total 69 spacetech startups in the country, only five are based out of North India

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Humble Indian Startups Make In-Roads At High-Octane Davos

At the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting 2023, among renowned names such as Tata, Adani and the like, Indian startups Garuda Aerospace and Genrobotics drew considerable attention to their visionary offerings

News and Trends

GoMechanic: The Perils of Growing By All Means

A tale of growth pressures, inflated revenue and unicorn aspirations, the GoMechanic scam appears to contain in equal measure sordid details as well as lessons for the future


10 Things That Make Israel a Compelling Start Up Hub

The country is home to 5000 active start ups, with 600 more being added every year