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The Business of 'I DO': How Weddings Continue to Be a Thriving Industry in India

The process of executing a wedding and its subsequent events is no cake walk. Rather, it requires specialized skills in several domains. All this combined made an estimate of INR 4.25 trillion businesses from just 23 days into the Indian wedding season of 2023. What is noteworthy is that 40 number of startups are part of this everblooming industry, offering services from matchmaking to vendors to invitation and highend photography.

News and Trends

Making India a Green Hydrogen Power

Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere states that oil will end by 2052, gas by 2060, and coal by 2090. In times like this, green hydrogen is emanating as the fuel of the future and for all the right reasons.

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Startup Opportunity: The Business of Care

The eldercare space in India boasts nearly 70 active startups. While it seems a big number, the growing elderly population (which currently stands at 138 million and set to touch 194 million by 2031) needs more startups to venture into this space


How Poker Can Be an Unconventional Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Did you know playing poker could possibly be a full-time job?Yes, indeed!


These Bike Rental Start-ups are Finding Opportunities in the Other Side of Business

The logical solution, however, one could think of was switching to renting commuter bikes for daily commuting


Is Talent Crunch a Spoiler for India's AI Industry?

The war for AI talent, henceforth, would be ruthless enough to easily dwarf the challenge for spotting good software engineers

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These Astropreneurs are Disrupting an Untapped Sector in India

Although the global space industry is as big as $300 billion, India's share in it is close to just a billion